APM Tools

JPA Solutions are the best APM (Application Performance Management) tools training institute in Chennai, India. There are numerous APM and application monitoring tools available for DevOps, Developers teams, and Information Technology Operations.

What are APM Tools?

APM Tools are used for managing and monitoring application performance. It includes monitoring and collecting various kinds of data.

What Skills will you learn from JPA Solutions APM Tools Training?

Upon the successful completion of APM Tools training from JPA Solutions, the candidates will be able to perform the following tasks.

  • Performing different web transactions or requests.
  • In-depth traces of transaction to specific codes.
  • Application framework metrics like JMX MBeans, Performance Counters and more.
  • Application log data.
  • Real user monitoring
  • Performance and usage of every application dependencies like web services, databases, caching, and more.
  • Fundamental server metrics like Memory, CPU, and more.
  • Various code level perfromance profiling.
  • Application Errors.

What are the critical features to consider while choosing the Application Monitoring Tools?

  • SaaS vs. On-Premise
  • Ease of Use
  • Programming Language Support
  • User-Friendliness
  • Pricing
  • Clous support like AWS, Azure, Heroku and more.

What are the critical APM tools that JPA Solutions Focus?

Some of the APM Tools we train includes.

  • MiniProfiler (.net / ruby / go / node.js)
  • Prefix(.net/java)
  • Rack trace(ruby)
  • New Relic Developer Mode(ruby)
  • Glimpse(.net)
  • XRebel(java,paid)
  • Scout Devtrace(ruby)
  • Zend Z-Ray(php, paid)


This is one of the tools that we train our candidates, it is one of the crucial tools required for larger enterprises and provides a SaaS APM and on-premise option. It is also otherwise described as Application Intelligence Platform.

The AppDynamics examines the performance of the application and then collects insights about how an application is performing and what are the roles they have in a business operation. AppDynamics offers full visibility from data processing to obtain knowledge from the data in your business.


It is also a valuable tool formerly called as Compuware APM. It is derived from being the primary self-learning APM Tool in the industry. It makes use of Java and .NET. Make use of On-premise or SaaS, capable of auto-discovering every dependencies and application end-to-end.

APM Tools Salary Range

APM Tools developers salary from glassdoor.com

Why Choose JPA solutions for APM Tools training in Chennai?

Explore a few reasons below to know why you should choose JPA Solutions for pursuing APM Tools.

  • Experienced trainers
  • We allocate fewer candidates in each batch so that our trainers can take care of every candidate with more care.
  • 100% Assured job placement assistance
  • Both theoretical and practical guidance
  • Extra-ordinary lab facilities
  • Flexible Timings
  • APM Tools training Certification is issued upon the completion of the course.
  • Help with resume Preparations
  • Derive Hands-on Experience along with real-time tasks and assignments for enhanced performance.
  • Assured lifetime support
  • Interview questions and APM Tools training course materials provided to the Candidates.
  • Virtual Exam for Practice
  • Global Certification Exam Preparation.
  • Additional Labs Practice from Exam Perspective.

Pursue Application Performance Management Tools training with JPA Solutions today and enlighten your career!