TOSCA Testing

Are you looking to accelerate your career in TOSCA Testing, but don't know where to get professionally trained? Then don't worry, at JPA Solutions you can learn TOSCA Testing professionally. JPA Solutions offers one of the best TOSCA Testing training in Chennai. In this training program, you will learn about TOSCA Testing and Automatic with ease.

We have specially developed this training module for beginners who strive to learn software testing and want to settle as a professional software tester in their careers.

Gaining TOSCA Testing knowledge is always crucial in today’s modern world. So, learn to catch bugs while testing with the help of TOSCA Testing.

If you don't know, what TOSCA Testing is? And it's career opportunities. Then go through this content, you will find out career opportunities, and what you will learn in this course, etc.

What is TOSCA Testing?

In this modern world, the creation of software is as valuable as destruction. So, learn how to quickly catch bugs that break softwares with help of testing methods. Now of the famous method of testing is TOSCA testing. It is nothing but a continuous platform that accelerates testing just to keep up its pace with Agile and other DevOps.

Tricentis Tosca is one of the best and most innovating functional testing technologies presently used by thousands of companies to conduct their conventional software tests.

Points to Remember

  • TOSCA Testing is a continuous testing platform that helps to test agile and DevOps.
  • Topmost companies like HBO, Toyota, Allianz, BMW, Deutsche Bank, Orange, and UBS has achieved 90% test automation rates with this testing tool.
  • This helps to reduce regression testing from weeks to minutes.
  • It also maximizes reuse and another maintainability with the model that is based on test automation.

Career Opportunities

Almost all modern-day softwares and coding do need testing to know whether it's working perfectly or not. So, there is always a definite need for software testing in most of the business. You can even find most of the career opportunities in this TOSCA Testing. With the help of TOSCA Testing and automation, you can quickly get into roles like software tester, testing manager, software manual tester, automation tester and so on.

What you will learn in this Program

TOSCA Testing Training in Chennai

As TOSCA testing plays a vital role in any business. We have carefully crafted this program by keeping all the young and aspiring fresher’s in mind who are relatively new to automation testing. We have ensured that they get some amazing real-time skills with ease to gain proper knowledge of TOSCA Testing.

    Introduction: In this introductory lesson, you’ll learn how to find out bugs in softwares along with the core concept of tricentis TOSCA Testing Platform.

    Basic of TOSCA: Learn about the fundamentals of TOSCA Testing along with basic Automation techniques.

    Test Process in TOSCA: Learn how to test the softwares along with the test process of TOSCA testing in this class.

    Discover Options and settings: Learn how to discover options and settings in TOSCA Testing Platform.

    Creating a requirements structure: You will learn about how to create a requirement structure in this class.

    Managing risks with Requirements: In this course, you will learn how to manage risks with the requirements that you need.

    The Magic Automation Substance: Learn about the creating modules and the magic automation substance in this course with ease.

    Manual test case: As we are learning about the testing, you will learn about how to use manual test cases.

    Handling Modules: In this course, you will learn about handling modules like an Expert in TOSCA Testing Platform.

    Along with these, you will also learn about the different advanced topics with interactive content. We always strive that we are building this curriculum to help you out to make you more effective with TOSCA Testing. So what are you waiting for? Join this course, improve your programming skills, and achieve greater heights in your software-testing career.