Continuous Testing

JPA solution is a frontier in ‘Continuous Integration Testing with Jenkins’ Training Institute in Chennai. Continuous integration is now considered to be the software development processes de-facto standard.
The JPA solution Continuous Integration Testing course will teach you the concepts of continuous integrations and also offer an overview of tools which is used for setting up the process of continuous integration.
Apart from that, it also features hands-on technical fundamentals for specific tools and offers hands-on training regarding the combination of tools to set up the process of continuous integrations.
At JPA Solutions, we train our candidates with Jenkins tool which is the essential and most commonly used continuous integration tool.

Modes of Training:

At JPA, we offer four different types of training to our candidates namely

  • Classroom: This includes Instructor-Led Classroom Training.
  • One to One Training: This includes exclusive and customized training depending on the candidate's requirements.
  • Corporate/Team Training: In this type of training, we upskill the candidates by providing exclusive training on Jenkins Continous Integrations testing.

Why Jenkins for Continous Integration Testing?

  • Jenkins can be installed easily in any Operating System.
  • Jenkins is a sophisticated tool as they are designed to be user-friendly and also has a simple interface.
  • While considering the upgradability, Jenkins is always updated with latest release cycles.
  • Using Jenkins is comfortable as it supports command line interface, Web-Based GUI, XML, Rest API for Python and JSON.
  • Jenkins is highly configurable.
  • Jenkins offers unlimited possibilities when it is integrated with Gradle, Ant or other build automation tools.
  • The plugin developments offer extra community support, and therefore Jenkins is more flexible.

Objectives of Jenkins Continous Integration Testing

Our candidates will be able to perform the following aspects upon completion of Jenkins continuous integration testing training.

  • The capability to use Jenkins for testing, building, deploying, analyzing java projects effectively.
  • Candidates will become aware of installing the Jenkins CI server on any windows.
  • They will become capable of implementing a continuous integration system with Jenkins.
  • Configure and install a different type of tools used along with Jenkins.

Who are eligible to attend Jenkins Continous Integration Testing Course?

  • Software testers who wishes to learn about building and testing their projects.
  • Candidates who want to upgrade their career into becoming a Software Developer, Software Project Manager, QA Engineer, DevOps Engineer, and Software Operations Engineer.

Prerequisites to Join Jenkins Continous Integration Testing

  • You need to know the basic knowledge of JAVA to learn this course.
  • You should also have good knowledge of different applications servers like JBoss, Tomcat, Glassfish and more.

Why Choose JPA Solution Jenkins Continous Integration Testing Training in Chennai?

  • All trending and latest software testing techniques and tools used for training Jenkins continuous testing.
  • We offer Jenkins continuous testing course from beginners, intermediates to professionals.
  • We offer different modes of training so that candidates can choose their preferred one at the time of their course registration.
  • JPA solutions include professional and trained experts with a decade of experience in the Jenkins continuous testing environment.
  • 100% job assurance is provided.
  • Jenkins Continous Integrations Testing Certificate will be issued for every candidate upon completion of the course.